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Irene Klinger

Department of International Affairs





Video about the MOAS Tutorial
 The MOAS Tutorial is a complete course prepared by
the Department of International Affairs of the OAS in order to help faculty and students alike in their preparation for participation in the Model OAS General Assembly (MOAS)


 United States: US$100.00
(To be paid by check, money order or bank transfer,
includes shipping & handling)

 Other countries: US$110.00
(To be paid through a bank transfer see “Order your copy,”
Includes shipping & handling)



  • An overview about the MOAS

  • A complete crash course about the OAS

  • Information about the 34 OAS Member Countries

  • Instructions for drafting resolutions

  • Instructions for debate (including video of a debate)

  • Frequently asked questions

  • A MOAS Glossary